Welcome to Shangrileeds’ new website.

Individual members have changed since the name Shangrileeds was conceived by a small group that first met in October 2011 to discuss cohousing; but our plans are still focused toward the same ends: to create a cohousing community in Leeds.

The initial discussions were wide-ranging, giving consideration to a vision,  values, possible sites, potential legal structures, group decision agreements and more. By May 2012 we were ready to agree our basic vision statement and our values.

Since then other cohousing projects in Leeds have progressed.  LILAC (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) was established in Bramley in 2012 and ChaCo is developing a site in Chapeltown.

Shangrileeds is still looking for a suitable site on which to grow our community and, in order to bid for a site, took on the legal status of a Company Limited by Guarantee. We still envisage that our cohousing community will register as a Housing Cooperative but currently our focus is on establishing a site and a solid group of committed members.

This website is in development. We will be adding more content with information about the group, our plans and how you could join us.

In the meantime, please look for updates and info on our Facebook page.